How to see Dhaka city on a winter night || Winter Night At Dhaka City

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. Dhaka is one of the busiest cities. How does it feel to walk at night in Dhaka. Many of us know all these questions and answers and today’s article is about how to see Dhaka city during winter. In winter, the beauty of Dhaka takes on a new look that is rarely seen at other times.

Winter Night At Dhaka City


There is a saying that the beauty of the city can be seen more at night. Many people prefer the winter environment. Although the severity of winter in Dhaka is much less than other cities and who does not know about the amazing beauty of Dhaka at night. And if it is in a winter-like environment, then there is no question. Most of the people in the capital prefer night to roam and Dhaka is the only city in most of the cities of Bangladesh that is busy at night which is known as no other city. Because Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and from here different kinds of goods and products are spread all over the country.


Now let us know who stays awake and enjoys this information in Dhaka or at night.


Cleaning staff


Many efforts have been made to beautify Dhaka in the last few years or for several years. Following this, several mega projects are also underway in Dhaka. The Mettrail project is currently the largest project with various types of foot overbridges. And the next Dhaka of this project may look as beautiful as any other city in the world. The air in Dhaka city is known to be very polluted and various plans are underway to beautify this air and in continuation of this, planting and maintenance of trees in different parts of the capital is also going on regularly.


Cleaning workers are one of the people who stay up at night. Since the beginning of 2021, the cleaning workers have been instructed to complete the work of cleaning Dhaka from night to dawn. And to do this, the cleaning staff cleans the busiest areas of the city at night. Because there is always traffic during the day and it is not possible to clean the road during this time. At present special attention has been paid to cleanliness and for this reason regular cleaning work is being done. Roads are cleaned daily in special areas of the city and the roadside trees are watered regularly.


Night traffic in Dhaka


Most of the vehicles in Dhaka run at night. And during this time many people see it as silence and because the products can reach different regions in a very short time, many companies choose to send goods during this time. The goods are delivered to different parts of the country by different types of trucks and vehicles of different sizes. And so if you walk the streets of Dhaka at night, these trucks will seem very familiar to you because of their regular running.


Among the trucks are brick, rod or sand trucks for housework in different areas of the city. Because these products cannot be moved during the day and these products move a little further down the main road, the owners of these products choose the night time. If you are on a sub road in Dhaka, you will see different types of freight trucks from 12 noon to dawn. Most of the goods in the city buildings are transported at night and this is why these trucks are one of the companions of Dhaka at night.


Night security personnel in Dhaka


Dhaka is called the capital of Bangladesh. And Dhaka is one of the most populous cities in the world. The idea is that there are very few people in the world who live like Dhaka. More than 4 crore people live in this Dhaka city. And every day I regularly migrate to Dhaka, this magical city, in search of different jobs or for different needs of Bangladesh. The head office of all the offices is in Dhaka and Dhaka city is known to us as one of the largest medical centers in the country for foreign travel.


And for all these works, just as people move during the day, they also move at night. And there are many security personnel in the city to provide security to all these people. Some security personnel move around in cars and some security personnel are stationed in different centers of the city. These security personnel are on the lookout for different types of vehicles at night to ensure that nothing bad happens to the people of the city at night.


Job seekers cover the night


Many people are coming to the city every day in search of work. And one of the candidates for this job is the people who come to take different job exams. All jobs in our country are tested in this Dhaka. The official exams are taken on Fridays but the official exams are taken on days other than Fridays. The job tests of different companies are also taken on other days besides Friday and this is the reason why people come to Dhaka from villages or other cities.


Not everyone has a good place to live in the city. If you go to Dhaka at night, you will find some people who are coming to Dhaka in search of work or job exams. However, even though their number is less, it is this small number of people who keep Dhaka active at night. The highest crowds can be seen at various tropes, especially at bus stands and railway stations, as many are also busy in hospitals. Many people leave home at night and reach Dhaka at night and many people think that the night journey is safer and more convenient, so they migrate to Dhaka in search of work at night.


A few more classes of people travel at night in Dhaka. And the winter night scene is a little different between these nights because the number of people sleeping on the side of the road on a winter night is similar to the number of people working with lighting in different parts of the city. On winter nights, as at other times, these people continue to work as before, but the winter night scene is different from other times. One of the reasons for this is that the nights in winter are a little bigger than other times which is why people work a lot more at night. And because of this busyness, people are very busy even on winter nights. Even though the severity of winter is less in Dhaka, the people on the side of the road in the city still sleep on the side of the road wearing blankets or different types of clothes.


Old Dhaka means old Dhaka, meaning Gulistan to Shahbag and Shahbag to Vijay Sarani. There are no trees on these roads, so there is not much fog on these roads. And many trees can be seen on the side of the road from Vijay Sarani to Uttara. The most beautiful road looks from Banani to the airport. And for the past few years, the roadside beautification work from Banani to the airport has been going on, which is currently closed for Mettrail. However, the road from Khilkhet to the airport has been beautified and a kind of tree has been planted from China which is very beautiful to look at. Which has greatly enhanced the beauty of the road.


Dhaka street fog on a winter night


Winter days are less cold where there is less fog. And on a day when there is more winter and more fog. Similarly, fog is not seen in Dhaka on winter nights. However, due to the rows of trees on both sides of the road from Banani to the airport area, a lot of fog is often seen. And this time the street lights look very beautiful. There are many times when the light of the lamps is not well understood due to the fog of the night.


But most of the time the winter night fog is not very understandable. However, it is known that the atmosphere in Dhaka calms down a bit in the morning. Although there were a lot of people from 12 noon to 3 pm, after 3 pm it started to decrease a lot. If it is less from 5 pm to 6 pm, then after 8 am, the work starts again. So if you want to travel in Dhaka on winter days, you need to know well about every area of ​​the city. Security is very good in many areas. If you want, you can go around all those areas, but if you have your own transportation system, it is best to go around.


On a hot day, people do not go out at night, but in winter, the environment of Dhaka at night looks very beautiful because the night is big and the lighting adds to the beauty of Dhaka. Sodium street lights in particular look very nice and the streets glow with the reflection of light which makes the environment of Dhaka very beautiful at night.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. I hope you have found a brief but descriptive description of winter night Dhaka through this article. Your valuable comments are kindly requested in the comments.

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