Environment Pollutions is harmful for us and our next futures

Environment Pollution is very effective pollution today. Research shows that air pollution may effect ecosystems.

Environment Pollutions

What is environment pollution ?

Answer: “The contamination of the physical and biological components of the earth and atmosphere areas to such an extent that normal environmental processes are adversely affected.” that is called environment pollution. 

It is very important to know about our environment.  If we live in a country with family members and others  then we need a good environment.  At present , environmental pollution is increasing day by day.  we cannot control our environment pollution.  For a desert our environment is polluted day by day. 

The World Health Organisation that means WHO is concerned about this problem.  in a developed country can not follow those rules which is better for the environment.  Environment pollution is not only for our country’s problem it is our world’s problem.  We can take many problems caused by  environmental pollution. 

There are many reasons for environmental pollution.  those are:

(a) Increasing fossil fuel

in developing country increasing day by day fossil fuel. fossil fuel is harmful for our environment.  it is very dangerous for our environment.  with her power greenhouse effect.  does sea level high by this.  as a result near the sea country it is very dangerous.  like as Maldives is in good country but Inter 1st year this country face many problem by the environment pollution.  they cannot leave nicely in their country. 

Day by day a environment pollution are increasing highly.  if we need good environment so so we can solve this problem. 

(b) Agricultural activities

agricultural activities are also responsible for normal pollution.  it is very important for environment pollution.  we use bad equipment for our environment who is is very harmful for us.  the ecological balance is very important for environment.  agriculture also responsible for these purpose.  natural agricultural activities is very good for environment. 

if we need a good environment so we need to to do something for our environment.  agricultural crops is very important for our environment.  we can use natural things for environment which is better for agriculture. 

(c) Waste Our Landfills 

it is very important environment pollution.  developed country waste their land fields as a result environment pollution and increasing day by day.  will have many natural resources but we cannot use it rightly.  any kind of waste is harmful for our environment. 

if we think a good environment then we need to remove this.  plant fuels is important for our natural resources for this reason we need to award award resources.  now it is very important for our country not only one country but also all over the world. 

(d) Indoor air pollution

indoor air pollution is daily important to keep environment good. the world are increasing temperature for the region of CFC gas.  in last 50 years indoor air pollution and increasing highly.  air pollution is a part of environment pollution.  

(e) Natural events

we should follow some rules about our natural events. it is important for our environment. natural events are also responsible for good environment.  some developed country cannot follow the natural events rules.  for that reason they can hiring Barber pollution

In future we need to control this problem. Otherwise it is very harmful not only for us but also all over the word. 

Thanks For reading this article. If you have any opinion you can express comment box. It is very important articles for us. 

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